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Nanobubbles for a better efficiency of any useful gas

Anzaikantetsu, the smallest Nanobubble of the world … from Japan.

What are nanobubbles?
Nano or ultrafine bubbles have a diameter of less than 50 microns and unique physical characteristics that differ from other types of bubbles.

Our carbon ceramic technology that places any gas into any liquid, in almost any environment. (see the table of : field – effect – gas for more info).

Anzai’s Patented Nanobubble technology can guarantee 90% gas transfer rate (gas remaining in the liquid) IN ONE PASS and offers unrivalled scalability, using a fraction of the energy required by other methods.

Benefits of our new technology
  • works by osmosis with no mechanical parts
  • can place any gas into any liquid gas remains in liquid and in ONE PASS guarantees a 90%
  • gas transfer/saturation rate (double any other system)
  • works on very low pressure, maximum 29psi
  • operational in high temperatures
  • extremely low energy requirement so outstanding cost effectiveness
  • can place nanobubbles into liquids of high viscosity (think mayonnaise)
  • can easily up-size to large scale production without increase in pressure or energy
  • in-line, rotary/propeller and ultrasonic methods of delivery – making nanobubbles available to a far greater number of industries (for example pharmaceutical and mining/ferric leaching)
  • replaces or reduces need to use chemicals, so more environmentally friendly
  • electrical charge and high frequency induction heating allowed
Advantages of Nanobubbles

With our very effective gas transfer with our special design we have:

– surface area of diffuser is bigger than other .
– gas and water have longer time contact
– since the size and the weight of the gas the gas bubble stay longer in the bottom and dont go to the air
– Nanobubbles can in some case stay in  the bottom and help to grow suitable fauna and flora.

In agriculture and marine industries are very open for this technology for a long time already. The high running cost, the low durability of devices, and high initial investment have stop or slow down many people from using the method.
However Our ultrafine bubble generator does away with those problems.
Environmentally friendly ultrafine bubble technology can be used to solve many current problems!!!

for video illustration :  Anzai Kantetsu official channel

For more info please read these few pdf and contact Us.:


MicroNano bubbles for water treatment (Power_&_Samuel)


Technical documentation

After performance comparison, the Hd-Nanobubble diffuser performs best on all 4 criteria: Power cost, initial cost, device life & gas transfer efficiency.

Solution proposal
Post Corona Market

Ozone Water Dispenser

More Information

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Some of the field of applications since 1854 the date when the nanobubble was invented

  • water purification (lake cleaning)
  • waste water/sewage treatment
  • sterilization and disinfection
  • equipment and industrial cleaning
  • cooling systems
  • ferric leaching
  • mining
  • farming (soil cleaning and growth promotion)
  • food preservation (without chemicals)
  • hydroponics aquaponics and aquaculture
  • pharmaceutical and medical cosmetics (beauty treatments)
  • grooming (human and animal/pet)
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