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Scope of services

there are 2 models available. 1 for big pipes like sewage pipes (mounted on truck) and the other for pipes in any building and hotels factories etc.

Pipes and Drainage cleaning and monitoring Service

With our Jetcam 40 from Optronic (subsidiary of Riezler GMBH), we offer a special fast and recorded drainage service at a competitive price.

We have the skills experienced workers to clear quickly and efficiently your drains at any time of the day.

Drainage & pipes repairs services

Our drainage repair department offers a full drain repair or replacement service for any drain-related problem (waterproofing anticorrosion and filling the cracks).

As well as fully trained teams of excavation and repair engineers, we offer a no-dig repair alternative.

Our flushing cameras make your life easier


Operational areas and benefits of JetCam:

  • Pipes from DN50-DN300
  • Underground piping
  • Main to side branch junctions
  • Preparation for inspection, reparation and leak detection
  • Hard to reach areas
  • Direct control of cleaning sequences


The no-dig method of drain repair involves inserting a resin-impregnated sleeve within the existing section of the damaged drainpipe, thus avoiding the conventional costly and often inconvenient method of excavation.

Drain Jetting Services

Our drain cleaning and unblocking services are available to domestic and commercial customers. We clean and clear drain blockages using portable high-pressure water jetting equipment. We aim to clear the customer’s drainage problems with the minimum amount of disruption and cost.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Occasionally, it is necessary to inspect drains before cleaning to gauge what is causing a blockage, for this we use a state-of-the-art Closed Circuit TV Camera (CCTV) unit which is able to move down drains for us to view internally.

✔️ Up to date colour CCTV
✔️ Reports, videos, and surveys
✔️ All areas covered
✔️ Fully inclusive fixed prices
✔️ No hidden costs



Professional HD cleaning of municipal and private pipe systems from DN50-DN300.


Discover the many advantages of visible cleaning sequences


Effortlessly master junctions and direction changes up to 90°


Document cleaning sequences and condition monitoring as you work