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ECR uses a technique without the use of any other chemicals. The ECR is an alternative to conventional physicochemical treatment processes it doesn’t require any chemicals and is greatly supporting microbial wastewater treatment works.

This system is designed to remove the majority of contaminants from wastewater, including COD, BOD, heavy metals, non-ferrous metals, petroleum, and many other types of contaminants.*list is attached

Advantages of the systems: 

The ECR is also able to better remove color, achieve almost total heavy metal removal, produce less and non-hazardous sludge, requires a small footprint,  has zero impact on TDS, and is adaptable to spikes in effluent parameters.


Key features

  • Approximately 1 KW of electricity can treat 1,000 litres of industrial waste water
  • Approximately 0.08 kilos of mild steel is used to coagulate and treat 1,000 litres of waste water
  • Average COD/BOD removal rates of 60 – 90%
  • Phosphate removal rate of over 90%
  • Heavy metals removal rate of greater than 95%


  • Less than 3 years payback when switching from conventional chemical-based treatment processes
  • 70% less space required compared to conventional biological solution
  • 50% less sludge generated compared to chemical coagulation

The ECR from Trident is already installed in many places from brewery WWTP to metal processing plants in Vietnam.

Our core competency is in designing complete wastewater treatment solutions by SYSTEM DESIGN & INTEGRATION of other EQUIPMENT, propose a ​SERVICE CONTRACTS from 3 to 30 years, participate to a BOO / BOT PROJECTS, and do the ENGINEERING & PROCUREMENT CONSTRUCTION for Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and CETP, Sewage Treatment Plants, tailored to various industrial needs – from basic effluent treatment for discharge to effluent re-cycling for water reuse.

We have also a special mobile unit for your special needs.

– Mobile Effluent Treatment Solutions
– Total Drilling Waste Management Solutions

ECR models are entirely designed and manufactured in Singapore. ECR models come in different sizes for different processing capacities. The device is assembled in a modular form, which allows the owner to easily adjust if there is a fluctuation in the wastewater flow.

The ECR solution in Daily operation cost is much lower than using the chemicals solution but slightly higher than biological for some cases. However, the savings in infrastructure cost and land usage more than compensate for the latter.

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Electro contaminant removal system

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