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Fish industry

Pre treatment

✔️ Fiber is normally not present
✔️ Very homogeneous wastewater gives few bacteria
✔️ Inorganically particles missing in most cases
✔️ Too little or too much carbon (COD) in a period there is a big variation
✔️ Phosphorus and nitrogen can both be too much or too little
✔️ Much nitrogen demands calcium (lime)

Fish industry

Mass balance for the waste water treatment plant

Fish industry

Problems with overload of dissolved COD

Oxygen below 0 0,3 mg/l, gives

✔️ lots of filamentous bacteria (Thiotrix, Mycolata)
✔️ foam
✔️ sludge in the outlet (loss of biomass)

What to do?

✔️ Dosing of chlorine

Fish industry

Red cells are dead green are still alive

Fish industry

Before and after dosing chlorine

Before week 14

After week 30

Fish industry

Today’s situation

Today the problem is back again

– 2 times a week a vacuum truck removes foam

– Foam is blowing around in the neighborhood

– The customer is desperate, we will try THPS soon.


Lots of food industry have problems with foam and filaments bacteria: Milk, Brewery, Poultry