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Pharmaceutical industry

Waste water quality

✔️ Mainly organic matter
✔️ Complex substances
✔️ Some times toxic
✔️ Some times partly non-biodegradable
✔️ Many times pre-treatment and then municipal treatment
✔️ Great need for improvements in some countries

Pharmaceutical industry

Case 1 - Pharmaceutical plant in Sweden

Pharmaceutical industry

Case 2 – non-biodegradable substances

The industry had new demands from the municipality:

✔️ The compounds in water should be biodegradable
✔️ Could not degrade biologically
✔️ Looked into membranes and activated carbon
✔️ Too expensive
✔️ Asked Kemira
✔️ We proposed FennoTriox
✔️ By selling the solution we got paid for both the design and the products

Fenton’s reagents make non-degradable material biodegradable.

Could also be used for destroying bio-mass.

FennoTriox what you need:

✔️ pH < 6,0
✔️ FennoTriox A (Fe 2 SO 4 *7H 2 0)
✔️ pH 3.8 4.2
✔️ FennoTriox B (H 2 O 2
✔️ Equipment (DAF) to remove the sludge

Treatment costs:

✔️ 1 10 €/m 3

Pharmaceutical industry

Case 3 - In process applications

Mainly used in when pharmaceutical is produced by biotechnology:

✔️ Not only pharma but also enzyme production is large
✔️ The main target is to separate biomass (cell or cell debris) from the solution
✔️ We know that calcium chloride, ACH, polyamine/DADMAC, anionic polymers are used in this industry
✔️ Gene modified biomass is also destroyed

    • Normally high temperature and lime
    • Potential for oxidative methods
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